What is ModelSmith3d?

ModelSmith3d is a simple and powerful 3D modelling tool. It has a diverse range of features that enable the user to create, unwrap, texture, paint, skin, rig, and animate a 3D model - essentially everything required to create 3D models for use in still and animated sprites, logos, icons, presentations, and video games.

ModelSmith3d is also designed to work as part of a greater asset pipeline. Programmable renderer, importers and exporters, and both still and animated image renderers allow ModelSmith3d to be custom-fit to work with other tools and applications toward the same goal.

ModelSmith3d has a powerful suite of tools to quickly and efficiently draw and manipulate 3D mesh.

Use ModelSmith3d to create smooth high-poly mesh quickly and efficiently. Create a model wth the curves and contours and detail you want without worrying too much about polygon counts.

Use any high-poly model and draw mesh over it. ModelSmith3d makes drawing efficient low-poly mesh almost as simple as painting on the high-poly surface. Finally, generate high-resolution diffuse- and bump maps to make your low-poly model look as good as the original, while greatly improving draw performance.

Use ModelSmith3d to make your own games. Check out our Hunter game project. Use our sample data and/or source code as a starting point. Create your own game and release it as a stand-alone or make it run from within a browser.

So far, Hunter and other game projects all use our zak game engine. The zak engine works on both the Windows and MacOSX platforms.

We strive every day to expand this resource for you. Feel free to Contact Us with your wishlist of what you'd like us to work on next.

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